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Our company, EME Steel Services LLC, was established in 2017. When we combine every contractor’s experience – we get to offer customers more than 55 years of it and dedication to being the top-rated company in the industry. If you live in and around the Lexington, SC area and want to work with a professional welder who will fulfill every demand – may we recommend calling us at your earliest convince. Save yourself an appointment with licensed individuals who offer services to residential and commercial customers in the area!



We Work Everything Through

If you’re worried about how we will address everything as we promise – we have high-grade equipment to help with every job. Our steel fabrication doesn’t come from thin air – we know how to do the process just right and will offer a discount and free estimate to everyone who calls wondering! We’ll have a process, a step-by-step plan to get everything done on time and without mistakes, and you can take a look before we begin – if you have concerns, we’ll address them!

Our Expertise Is No Coincidence

No – our expertise doesn’t come from snapping our fingers and calling it to us. It takes hard work, persistence, and dedication all the time so we can be as high-level as we are. We value the excellence that comes from hard work and wouldn’t allow ourselves to slack off and still promise the best services to our customers. Being an exceptional welder means having the qualities to back that up, and we have them!

Steel Fabrication in Lexington, SC

Call EME Steel Services LLC at (839) 228-2402 and request to learn more about our approach to delivering the perfect steel fabrication services for you! It’s your choice whether we meet for a consultation or speak on the phone – either way, we’re going to promise excellence and deliver it with hard work, precision, and a keen eye for all the details. If you live in and around the Lexington, SC area, keep our capabilities in mind, and don’t forget – if you can’t do it – we certainly can and would love to!

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