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With EME Steel Services LLC, you can expect the perfect welding service – dependable, long-lasting, and efficient. Cut the cost by not doing everything yourself and having to go back to make sure it’s all perfect. Get everything ready in time with our hasty yet effective and thorough work. Everything you need in terms of durability for your projects in Lexington, SC – you can find with us – dial and make an appointment for a quick consult!

Our Services

Steel Construction

Steel Construction
Constructing anything from the ground up made up of steel components or entirely of the material is serious work. It deserves to be managed by us - we have the skills, experience, and proper process to ensure everything goes smoothly!

Steel Component Lifting

Steel Component Lifting
Lifting components made of steel might not be easy to do with your own two hands. When we offer our services, we have the equipment to take on the job. We will lift whatever you need with ease and professionalism!

Welding Services

Welding Services
It took us a long time to come out and say we're perfect when it comes to all the steel welding-related services we offer. It took years of hard work, education, and gaining experience from practice. But we promise - we're impeccable with every step!

Demolition Services

Demolition Services
Demolition is no trouble for us - we always keep up with the safety standards and take the necessary precautions to keep everyone around us out of harm's way while we do the job. Tell us what needs to be removed, so we can go ahead and start!

Consultation Services

Consultation Services
Do you wish to consult our profession on the custom welding services we can provide? Do you want to note all the benefits and have everything in mind when deciding on the project and whom to hire? Let's do it - let's meet and discuss!

Hard Work Doesn’t Have To Be on You

Just because it’s your property and you’re the one who wants to have such a project executed doesn’t mean all the hard work has to be on you and you alone! Why not get assistance from experts if you’re not sure you have what’s necessary to provide the perfect end to an extensive process? It’s so simple, especially when you can open the Internet and find countless companies in your area. So if steel fabrication is necessary for your upcoming property project – do yourself a favor and hire professionals!

Rest On Our Years of Experience

When you have experience with something, would you do it yourself or hire others? You’d probably do it yourself, which would be the smart move. However, being able to weld is something that takes long years to learn perfectly and be able to do. And it’s not among the skills people naturally seem to have, like riding a bike, perfectly washing dishes, or doing math probable. There’s a technical side, which deserves professional attention, so get us to deal with the projects – it will be the smart move!

More Areas We Serve

Why would we help one area and leave others in the neighboring one suffer and deal with the work themselves? That doesn’t seem like something honorable an expert would do. We have the skills to help and the determination to make everything perfect. There’s no point in keeping that confined. We can and have expanded and now reach more people who have the opportunity to leave the tough work behind and let us take over. Make your life easier and do that – leave the hard stuff to us!

  • Gilbert Town, SC
  • West Columbia, SC
  • Seven Oaks, SC
  • Cayce, SC
  • Irmo Town, SC

Call EME Steel Services LLC and work with a dependable welder from our company who knows how to work perfectly with the material itself and fuse it expertly to create reliable structures! If you live in and around the Lexington, SC area and need the hard work to be nowhere on your agenda – we can take it on! For us, the process of fabricating and fusing steel components is like child’s play. We understand and respect the specifics and work well to create something perfect. You can watch us work!

Client Testimonials

by Peter Marten on EME Steel Services LLC
Excellent Custom Welding Services!

Dependable and beautiful custom welding services. Thank you all for the job you did for me - it was impressive and a joy to witness. And I just want to tell everyone out there - these guys care about being perfect - they don't just promise it and walk away. They work hard until the very end to deliver on their promise!

EME Steel Services LLC
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